Platform and Interface(s)

The BLT19 pilot website was built using WordPress and a variety of free plugins. While the platform has its limitations in terms of asset size and management, its flexibility and ease of use made it suitable for the pilot.

Users are given more than one way to interact with and download the materials, including an embedded PDF viewer, downloadable single-page images, and downloadable PDFs. The site also offers an alternative interface (Metabotnik), which allows one to zoom and browse a single, high-quality image of the entire periodical run.


Periodical images on the BLT19 site were produced by Hollingworth and Moss, a commercial print and digitisation provider. They used scanning technology that automatically turns pages and does not require de-binding. A variety of file formats were produced, including JPEG, TIFF, and PDF.


OCR (optical character recognition) text on the BLT19 site was produced using Abbyy FineReader Pro for Mac software. While FineReader can run automatic scans, it also allows manual scan ordering, which was essential when it came to the British Workman‘s inconsistent layout. Because of the pilot project’s limited timeframe, OCR was only lightly corrected to minimise inconsistent line breaks.