BLT19 Fiction

Stories are key to our understanding of the world. But how can we engage with the narratives that BLT19 suggests?

The idea that we aren’t interested in stories about work or tasks just isn’t true, though it is true that most jobs and tasks are ignored. Let this be a challenge to you!

In fact, the materials on this site have proved fertile ground for story telling.

What the fiction we’re including here shows is how inspiring the periodicals on BLT19 are, and what an amazing variety of stories can be generated from engaging with them.

Writing or thinking through traditional non-fiction criticism or history are not the only ways we can understand the past or other cultures. Just as artistic responses such as we see in the Keep the Door of My Lips exhibition offer a way of “reading” BLT19 materials, so too does fiction.

Such fiction does not have to reflect or imitate obediently, but can pinpoint gaps, uncertainties, possible resistances large or small, even highlight the limits of possibility.

This is why we have started to publish here fictional material inspired by the primary material on the BLT19 website. You can easily find them by hovering your cursor above the BLT19 Creative >> Fiction tab, but here are links anyway:

If you are aged 12-15 pr 16-18, why not enter our short story competition?

Details are here – but be quick: the deadline for submission is 30 September 2020!