1st Prize (12-15 yrs) Collage 2021 Competition

Illusions and the ‘The Wizard’


Hannah Pillemer

JFS School, London.

In this collage I used various pages from The Wizard, vol. 1, no. 5, January 1906 including the pages 69, 78 and 81.

Different perspectives seek to trick the viewer so that they see the magic in it including images that I have drawn. Many magicians use illusions and perspectives to their advantage. They will encourage audiences to only look at things one way while they themselves look at another; they use that double vision to do their trick and give the audience a nice show.

In ’The Wizard‘ there is on the first page a big title which has an illustration of a man seeming to fly holding a pole. This is an example of an illusion as if it was real the man could have been held up by strings or could have had a pole on his stomach to keep him up.

Illusions are used in everyday life: an example is even what you are looking at now, the computer. This is because it seems so small, simple and easy to use, but if you open the computer and see all the wires or see all the coding that makes a webpage you begin to see a different perspective.

So in conclusion magicians and wizards use illusions and perspectives to their advantage and make a great show that ends up seeming like magic to the audience – just like computers!