Stationery Trade Review

The 1887 issues of the Stationery Trade Review digitised by the BLT19 Project are from a bound set of production copies. Corrections, ink smudges, editorial notes, and blank pages offer a rare glimpse into the processes, people, and interventions involved in producing a print publication. The volume once belonged to the printer’s son, who had contributed content to the issues. The printer, G.D. Stewart, and stand-in editor, Andrew Lang, were put in charge while the Stationery Trade Review‘s proprietor/publisher/editor, James Glass, was travelling in Australia. Andrew Lang was a writer, critic and a prolific contributor to the periodical press, best known for his work on folklore, as the compiler (with his wife) of various “Coloured Fairy Books” and as a friend (and promoter) of Henry Rider Haggard.

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Issues of the Stationery Trade Review digitised by the BLT19 Project

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