Building World

The Building World (1895-1920) was a penny weekly trade magazine “for Builders, Carpenters, Joiners, Bricklayers, Masons, Plasterers, Sanitary Engineers, Plumbers, Painters, Slaters, Glaziers, Brickmakers, Gasfitters, Locksmiths, Decorators, Hot-water Fitters, Paperhangers, and for all engaged in Allied Trades.”

This single issue comes from the second periodical of this name. The original had finished in 1892, having started as Reynolds’s Building Trades Circular in 1876, and changing name the following year to the Building World. To avoid confusion it is as well to state that this Reynolds was not the popular author and editor G.W.M. Reynolds but a builder who started the journal to promote his own work.

The second Builder’s World by contrast was not indigenous to the building trade at all. Rather it was just one of the wide-ranging portfolio of the large company Cassell & Co  which had been originally founded in 1848. It is clear from the sheer number of advertisements here that, in common with many of its ilk, the Building World sustained itself through advertising income rather than cover price. Cassell probably started it for its potential as a money-spinner through advertising.