Nineteenth-Century Business, Labour, Temperance & Trade Periodicals

The BLT19 Project encourages teachers to use digitised historical periodicals in the classroom. The website provides lesson plans, digitised publications, case studies, and contextual materials suitable for secondary and undergraduate students.

The periodicals digitised by the BLT19 Project contain a variety of content well-suited to the classroom both in terms of subject matter and length: nonfiction articles, short stories, serial fiction, poetry, advertising, and illustrations. We identify a number of possible themes to use either as stand-alone lessons or in conjunction with existing literature, history or media-studies modules.

The BLT19 Project site is currently under construction. Content and its location may change. We wanted to make materials available even if they are not “complete” or “final.” The site is a work in progress that highlights and embraces the mutability and flexibility of new media.

British Workman 1.15 (1856): 60.